Laser Hair Removal Delhi

The demand for safe, permanent/long-lasting, and effective Laser Hair Removal Delhi for aesthetic as well as medical indications is on the rise nowadays. No one wants skin damage due to repeated physical and chemical hair removal with waxing and threading. We at Aishh Clinic, incorporate the best, FDA-approved Diode laser based on ice-cooled technology to provide, safe and comfortable hair reduction for the maximum duration in minimum sittings.

Indications for Laser Hair Removal Delhi are:

  1. Hirsutism and hypertrichosis
  2. Aesthetic purposes
  3. Medical indications like pseudofolli culitisbarbae, pilonidal sinus, and acne keloidalis nuchae.

At AISHH, we evaluate the patient first with:

  1. Detailed clinical history to rule out infections, drug intake, etc.
  2. Hormonal evaluation to assess causes of hirsutism.

The technique followed at AISHH-

  1. Cleaning the area to remove oils from the skin
  2. Position the patient comfortably.
  3. Using eye protection for both the operator and the patient.
  4. Avoid reflecting surfaces or metallic objects near the laser.
  5. We individualize the parameters to each patient’s skin and hair type and the type of laser being used.
  6. Place the handpiece perpendicular to the skin so that there is no discomfort.
  7. Post-laser care is explained to the patient prior to the procedure.

Various factors may affect the outcome, such as:

  1. Hair location (axillary and pubic hair respond better than hair on the extremities and chest)
  2. Skin and hair color (light skin of Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV with dark hair achieve the best results due to the lack of melanin in the skin and the abundance of melanin to absorb laser energy in the hair follicles)
  3. Hair growth stage (anagen hair being most sensitive)
  4. Laser type
  5. Hormonal status
  6. Treatment plan

Touch-up maintenance treatments are required for most patients in the long term.