Skin treatments

    Medical Dermatology is a vast area where skin and hair problems are medically treated at AlSHH Clinics as per the current guidelines. Dr. Indu has a vast knowledge in the field of clinical Dermatology dealing with skin and hair diseases. She has expertise of successfully treating more than 10, 000 patients.
    Acne, vitiligo or white patches, hair loss, pigmentation, keloid and scars are some conditions which are of aesthetic importance but can be medically managed as well. The skin and hair diseases in paediatric age group require special attention. Age wise skin care concern differs and Dr. Indu has vast experience in Paediatric and Geriatric Dermatology. Various infections like fungal, viral and bacterial infections are treated at the best. Psoriasis, eczema and other autoimmune diseases are specially treated under vigilance of Dr. Indu Kumari.
    AISHH Clinics has special tests for allergy and chronic diseases including Dermoscopy and Dermatopathology unit to see the skin diseases under microscopy.

    How Dermatopathology works:
    Patients suffering from chronic diseases and resistant diseases to treatment need documentation of the disease.
    . The skin sample is taken from affected area.
    . The sample is processed.
    . The analysis is done under the microscope.
    . Final report is given to the patient.
    It helps in a better understanding of the treatment response and compliance of the patient.