Botox in Delhi

Botox in Delhi

Get the Botox in Delhi by Dr. Indu kumari, one of the best skin specialist in Delhi. Botox Treatment is popular amongst men and women these days for removing the dynamic wrinkles on face. Face is the most important part of the body as it is the perception of attractiveness. The facial lines and wrinkles can be caused due to aging, gravity, sun exposure, smoking and from repeated muscle contractions.

Steps of Botox Treatment in Delhi

Botulinum toxin Treatment is done by experts with hands of experience and qualified medical degrees.

1. Material Preparation

During this stage doctor diagnoses and discuss the requirement after analyzing the targeted area. The most common areas for the botox treatment include Forehead lines, Frown lines, Crow’s feet, Bunny lines, Peri-oral lines, Marionette lines, Top Lip Lines etc.

2. Injections

After analyzing the area it will be numbered by the doctors and step-by-step injections will be administered. This procedure required high-level of expertise of the doctor for the best possible results. Dr. Indu Kumari has extensive experience in administering the Botox Injections.

3. Rehabilitation

Once the procedure of botox injected completed, you will be asked not to touch the area much. Apply some ice or cold compress in case of any redness or swelling. Our doctors will give you some basic instruction to ensure the process will be smooth and comfortable.

4. Result

You will get the amazing results after the Botox Treatment in Delhi. Most peoples see the results between 10-14 days, but you have to wait for atleast 14 days to see the result. Mostly these results lasts 4-6 months depending on the various conditions.

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    Cost of Botox in Delhi

    The Cost of Botox in Delhi depends upon the patient, quality of products, skill, and expertise of the doctor. Before analyzing the cost of Botox treatment in Delhi, you should consider the experience and skill of the doctor. Dr. Indu Kumar, is the experienced doctor for Botox Treatment, and she can deliver natural looking with superior results in much lesser amount using the right product.

    Techniques Used Botox Treatment

    Techniques Used Botox Treatment

    Dr. Indu Kumari uses the latest technology of injecting botox in which she avoids administering the high doses of Botox. Administering the high does freeze the movement completely which looks unnatural botox face. Lower doses administering softens the movement without freezing the muscles completely. This new technique treatment helps to retain your natural facial movements.

    Why Choose Indu Kumari for Botox Treatment?

    Dr. Indu Kumari at Aish Clinic provides the most advantageous solution for the botox treatment to the patients. We offer the Botox in Delhi affordable price. This treatment is performed by our experienced team of doctors who always takes the paramount measures to avoid any side effects.

    We use the latest technology and techniques for the highly safe and effective botox treatment. You should choose Aish Clinic for the Botox Treatment in Malviya Nagar for the long-lasting and noticeable results. Opting for Botox from Aish Clinic is better than spending on lavish skin care products.

    Techniques Used Botox Treatment
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    Uses of Botox in Delhi

    Aishh Clinic is a reliable place to get Botox in Delhi. At Aishh Clinic, we specialize in using modern cosmetic procedures like Botox injections to improve your natural beauty. Our skilled team can assist you in achieving a more youthful appearance, lifting drooping skin, and smoothing wrinkles.

    Botox has several medical and cosmetic uses. Some common uses include:

    1. Cosmetic Uses:

    ● Wrinkle Reduction: Botox injections are popular for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines on the face, such as frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

    ● Facial contouring: It can be used to reshape the face by altering the definition of the jawline or reducing the appearance of a square jaw.

    2. Medical Uses:

    ● Hyperhidrosis Treatment: Botox injections can help reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in areas like the underarms, palms, and soles of the feet.

    ● Migraine Treatment: Some people with chronic migraines find relief through Botox injections, which can help reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.

    ● Muscle spasms: Botox is used to treat disorders like cervical dystonia, which is a painful condition where the muscles in the neck tighten without conscious thought.

    3. Other Uses:

    ● Treatment of TMJ Disorders: Botox injections can alleviate jaw tension and pain associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

    ● Eyelid Spasms: Botox can be used to treat involuntary eyelid spasms and other facial spasms.