PRP in Delhi

PRP in Delhi

The PRP in Delhi is the method of growing hairs which includes the infusion of patient’s own platelets cells separated from their blood and injecting it back in the scalp. Injecting your own tissue eliminates the chances of rejection by the body. By this Platelet-rich plasma treatment you can grow your hair faster and rejuvenate your skin.

Why Choose Us for PRP Malviya Nagar?

Get the PRP Malviya Nagar safely and securely from Dr. Indu Kumari at Aish Clinic. If you are in early stage you should consider the PRP treatment as the effects of PRP will be visible and effective.

1. Personalized Treatment

Our experts will provide you customized treatment plan accordingly, so that you can enjoy an unmatched quality of care.

2. Superior Methodology

We have unique latest technologies to extract the most concentrated form of platelet-rich blood plasma for stimulating hair growth.

3. Professional Experts

We have the team of professional experts with the proven track record of performing customised PRP Treatment in Delhi.

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    How Does PRP Treatment in Delhi Works?

    PRP Treatment involves the infusion of patient’s own platelets cells. These platelets-rich plasma contains several growth factors, it promotes healing and tissue regeneration. It helps to reduce the scalp inflammation that can cause hair loss and improves the blood supply to the hair follicles to strengthen the hair roots.

    Transferring the blood cells to the scalp ensures that the same stem cells accept the infusion and begin a self-healing journey towards hair growth goal. This is the highly beneficial improvement of tissue health which guarantees to be successful as the scalp tissues accepts the injection due to self-type infusion.

    PRP Treatment
    PRP Treatment

    Factors Affecting the Cost of PRP Treatment Malviya Nagar

    The PRP Treatment helps to restore hair growth, and it is the new approach which can promote the hair growth. This treatment is done by the doctors when hair loss is caused due to androgenetic alopecia. It is a common condition that can cause hair follicles to shrink.

    This PRP Therapy is safe, and it has no risk of infections, bleeding, allergies or other complications. It will boost your scalp coverage by encouraging natural hair regeneration and reduces the hair loss. This treatment also reverses thinning by limiting the hair loss.

    PRP is non-surgical and cost-effective treatment which improves the hair growth and thickness. The Total Cost of PRP Treatment Malviya Nagar depends on various factors. Here are some factors which can effect the PRP Treatment Cost:-

    ● The Main factor which affect the cost of PRP is the Kit which is used to extract the PRP
    ● Doctor’s experience and expertise can also impact the cost of PRP Therapy
    ● Reputation of the clinic can also impact on the price of PRP in Delhi
    ● The Cost can also be determined by the number of sessions the patient requires for PRP.

    PRP in Delhi

    The best place to get PRP in Delhi is Aishh Clinic. Our skilled team is committed to providing individualized care with modern PRP techniques, whether you’re looking for non-surgical hair restoration or revitalizing skin therapies.

    Aishh Clinic is a conveniently located facility in Delhi that offers modern therapy customized to your needs by combining innovation and quality control. At Aishh Clinic, learn about the PRP’s life-changing potential and start your path to a more vibrant version of yourself. Growth factor concentrate and GFC is also available is also customised at AISHH for giving even better results.

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    PRP Treatment

    What is PRP Treatment?

    A small amount of the patient’s blood is extracted and processed to concentrate the platelets, and then the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected back into the skin or scalp.

    PRP is widely used for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration because the platelets produce growth factors that encourage tissue healing, collagen formation, and hair development.

    It’s a non-surgical process with less recovery time that produces results that seem natural for better skin texture, fewer wrinkles and fine lines, and stimulation of hair follicles for thicker hair growth.

    What are the Benefits of PRP Treatment in Malviya Nagar? At AISHH Clinic

    1. We have tailor-made and tested protocols tested and that give more superior results compared to any other simple PRP.

    2.Stimulates Hair Growth: PRP contains growth factors that can promote hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.

    3. Improves Hair Thickness and Density: Patients often experience thicker and denser hair after PRP treatments.

    4. Non-surgical Procedure: PRP is a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve surgery, reducing downtime and risks.

    5. Natural Results: Since PRP uses the patient’s blood plasma, the risk of allergic reactions or rejection is minimal, and the results look natural.

    6. Improves Hair Health: PRP can lessen hair thinning and encourage healthier hair development by improving the general health of the scalp and hair follicles.

    Proper scalp examination and comparison of result tis done at every session